Along with exciting developments surrounding the Niche Local product, we recently unveiled the redesign of our Niche homepage.

Previously, it looked like this:

Former Homepage

Now, it looks like this:

Niche Homepage Redesign

Niche Lead Designer and Front-End Developer Nate Bridi expanded on why the page underwent such a drastic change:

“[We’re] trying to draw people in more and get them right to the content, which is where the real value in our products lie. We’re trying to set a tone of simplicity.”

The page went from having an abundance of words and descriptions to a focus on one phrase: “Find your Niche.” This phrase can mean a variety of things, including finding a neighborhood to call home, a school for a child, or a college to set a student down the right career path. This stylistic modification serves as a metaphor for Niche as it enters a new phase as a company.

“[It’s] mostly to introduce a new era with the third leg of our product line,” said Bridi. “It makes a much more complete experience, so we have a lot more to say about Niche as a company.”

When it comes to the Niche Local front page, the Steel City is front and center, but not just because Niche is headquartered there.

“Pittsburgh is a city of neighborhoods. Every neighborhood has a unique town-like feel. Pittsburgh is known for that, so it’s naturally a good pilot city.”

When users scroll down the new home page, they will also encounter the phrase “everyday experts,” a term that empowers Niche users in a unique way.

“The intention behind ‘everyday experts’ is that we think there’s a lot of valuable information to mine from the experiences of people who’ve actually lived in a place,” said Bridi. “Trying to collect people’s experiences in a way that other people can gain insight from is a challenge, but that’s kind of the goal.”

And while Niche Local and the homepage redesign have been launched, that doesn’t mean the goal has been met.

“We already have  a vision, and it’s going to help people explore the areas a lot better, but we know a lot more needs to happen.”

The Bottom Line

We’re already seeing positive results with the upgrade. Since the launch of the new homepage, our bounce rate has gone down 44%.

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