Here are some common reasons why your area may not be showing up in the ranking:

  1. You may not be looking in the right place.
    • Niche ranks Places to Live (all cities, towns, and suburbs) and then provides rankings specifically for Cities (population over 100,000) and Suburbs (places within a metro area). Niche separately also ranks Counties and Neighborhoods, so you may just need to check out another ranking.
    • Niche rankings can be sorted by state or metro area. Make sure you’re in the right state or metro area.
    • Be sure to check Niche’s full list of 2016 Places to Live Rankings, which assess over 50,000 places in the U.S. You can also search for your area here.
  2. Your area may be missing data or very small.
    • We excluded very small areas with a population under a particular threshold. For example, towns with less than 1,000 residents were excluded.

You can access our rankings methodology here for full details on our rankings factors and calculation.

Have feedback for us about missing schools or data? Contact us!