On a typical muggy and hot June morning, we abandoned our desks and started our workday…in the dirt. This was a first for all of us at Niche, but we were definitely ready for this new experience.

Each summer we have a group outing to a baseball game or bowling alley, but this year we decided to switch it up. Instead of kicking back and relaxing, we wanted to get our hands dirty and give back through volunteering with Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Tree Pittsburgh.

Tree Pittsburgh acted as our instructors and guides for doing some “tree maintenance” for our local neighborhood of Homewood. Our tree maintenance duties included weeding around and mulching the base of the trees and removing the stakes that provided support for the young trees. We also picked up trash and litter from the green space to keep it looking clean and green.

Nobody expects to learn about trees all day when they are a computer engineer, but we walked away with some pretty cool facts that we all found fascinating. Our Tree Pittsburgh guides explained that trees are vital to our urban environment and provide us with many different environmental, health and economic benefits. Urban trees have a positive effect of occupancy rates and residential homes sales and healthy trees can add up to 15% to residential property value (southernforests.org)

Beautiful neighborhoods and improved quality of life is important to all of us at Niche, so working with Tree Pittsburgh was a natural fit. They were a great group to work with, guiding us as we completed some awesome volunteer work. As a group we all enjoyed taking some time outdoors to improve our local landscape and build stronger bonds as a team.

Below are some more photos from the day along with some quotes.



“Working with Tree Pittsburgh was a fun opportunity to branch out of the office” – Josh Smith, Front End Developer




“It was a great way for us to get outside and give back to our community.  Also, to see what our fellow coworkers look like when covered in dirt and dripping with sweat” – Nate Cochran, Developer

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